Song List

01 – Full Circle (RC Burns and JK Gulley) - 3:55 

02 – Tim Horton’s Junkie (RC Burns and JK Gulley) - 4:14

03 – The Bright Lights of Prawda (RC Burns) - 4:59

04 – Rich Dark Earth (RC Burns) - 4:08 

05 – Me and Johnny Walker (RC Burns) - 4:25

06 – Rock of My Ages (RC Burns) - 2:58

07 – Me and Elvis and Jesus (RC Burns) - 3:52 

08 – Don’t Let the Whisky Do the Talking (RC Burns) - 5:03

09 – Twist of the Knife (RC Burns) - 3:24

10 – Older Cars and Younger Women (RC  Burns) - 3:30

11 - At My Daddy’s Knee (RC Burns) - 3:04

12 – The Fire in Your Eyes (RC Burns) - 3:48

13 – My Last Request (RC Burns) - 4:38

Players and Those Who Helped Put This All Together

I am so very grateful to my good friend and producer JK Gulley for putting together a stellar lineup of musicians to play on my debut album. 

  • First and foremost in the lineup is JK Gulley himself. What can I say about this multi-talented guy. JK plays acoustic, electric and slide guitar, mandolin and banjo as well as providing backup vocals and harmonies. He also coached me on my acoustic guitar work and vocals and put everything together with his magic touch at his Blue-Gull Studio to make me sound good. I couldn’t have done it without his guidance and patience. 
  • Next on the list is Ed Ham, another multi-instrumentalist who provided all of the drum and percussion work. 
  • A two-thumbs up to Jesse Turton who provided all of the bass tracks. 
  • Special thanks to Lance Anderson and Gary Kreller whose piano, keyboard and accordion added so much richness to my music. 
  • What would a country song be without a pedal steel guitar? Dale Rivard added just the right twang as only a master of the instrument can. 
  • Shane Guse injected some very fine fiddle licks that were the icing on the cake in several songs. 

There are a few other folks I’d like to thank for helping me to get this album completed and ready for release: 

  • I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend, pipe instructor and Pipe Major Wes Sheppard - he’s been teaching me how to play bagpipes for over 30 years and hasn’t given up on me yet. 
  • Also thanks to Mati Haskell for putting together the cover art for the album – you have a great eye for what looks good. 
  • Most of all I’d like to thank my dear wife Theresa Burns for her love and support for over 40 years. You truly are the “Rock of My Ages”.